Old style bento

Old Style Bento

I am working mom and I have to prepare lunch for 2 kids everyday…

Yes, my hubby and my mother-in-law (hubby’s mom) takes care of the kids when I work, but I still need to make Bento for kids!

This is my “Old Style Bento” … Onigiri (rice ball) and a little side dishes… I chose salmon and broccoli, and Japanese style omelet.

My kids love BIG Onigiri! I put a lot of ingredients every time, like Japanese pickled plum, salmon, sea weed paste (Tsukuda-ni), meat soboro (mince chicken meat)… or, what ever you want!

In ancient Japan, we wrapped this Bento with bamboo skin. Bamboo skin has┬ápreservative effect but hard to get it nowadays… so I use plastic. The town doesn’t have charm of its old days any more!

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