Tako-Yaki with kids friends

“Tako-Yaki” is one of famous fast food of Japan.

In Kansai, west side of Japan, (especially calls Osaka and around) Majority of people has “Tako-Yaki” (special pan to cook Tako-Yaki), and they do cook often at home!

I lived Kansai for while and I bought “Tako-Yaki ki” of course, I do cook sometimes!

This is the picture of Tako-Yaki.

Made flour dough, put egg and some “dashi”(that’s special recipe and it different all houses) and water, pour the dough to the pan, then put cutted Tako (octopus) in, cabbage, Japanese leek, pickled ginger, pour the dough again…then,turn over and becoming this figure.

After Tako-Yaki, we made “round doughnuts” for dessert 🙂

Using hotcake mix and small cut chocolate, blue berries, diced pineapples…kids put whatever they wants… and it was really fun 🙂


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