Football camp Bento

My son has football camp on his spring break,also he has few matches today.

This is the Bento for him.

He can’t eat a lot during the matches because his body really get tired… so I focussed to supply his “energy”, protein and carbohydrate.

“pasta” is good for athlete! It changes quick to energy. That’s why a lot of professional athletes prefer pasta before their important matches.My son is not a big athlete, but mom wants him to win:) so, I put in the special pasta for him when he has football matches.

rice ball (in the middle of it, small pork meat chop flavored Korean Kim-chi,and the other one is curry )

Pasta only flavored ketchup and salt.not using oil. (If you use oil,it will hard to digest soon!)

Dashimaki tamago(Japanese omelette)… traditional home made Japanese dish. It can be a simple omlet roll flavored with broth.

small hamburgsteaks, onion and mushroom in it, soy sauce flavored.

carrot glacĂ©,my son doesn’t like carrot but he can eat this.

bloccori(he likes it!), strawberry.

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