My first Bento for kids


My first Bento for kids.

He was really shy boy and crying whole day at pre-school because he missed his mom,so I wanted make him smile and decide to make some character Bento…We Japanese call “Chara-Ben”.Actually I am not good at “Chara-Ben”…there is so many good,beautiful web site for “Chara-Ben”…I tried it couple of times but couldn’t make it well!

Anyway,my boy loves “Obake(little ghost)” story at this time…that’s why I made it.ghost eyes are “sea weed” cut round and make smiley face,cheeks are ketchup.very easy:)

Pre-school teacher said “Don’t think about nutrition at first.Just think about your kids ‘wants to eat’ or having fun at their lunch time and make them to looking forward to having lunch!”

So,I was just thinking I want make him surprises(and smiles)when he open Bento cover…!!!


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